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Maurice L. 3/15/20

I've been using the IntensePain Relief Rub and PDQ Spray now for about 2 months and I can tell you that I have never felt better.  I have tried many pain products over the years that do not work.  I am never going to stop using these products.

Josie M.   3/01/20

I have been using the anti aging skincare moisturizer cream for 3 months and it’s has really improve my skins tone and texture, Thank you.

Frank  H. 4/14/20

I added your CBD 1000 mg Tincture to help boost my immune, lower my blood pressure and improve my overall health and It’s orange flavor is delicious and easy to swallow. I  also like the fact it actually will last 30 days as per advertised.

Lily J.  5/19/20

I am a 70 year old that has a hard time since I retired sleeping and tried the Sleep Support Spray Bundle and so far it’s working, thank you for your podcast otherwise I would not have known such a product exists.

Anne N. 6/10/19

WOW, I purchased the “Germany Black Gorilla”, for my boyfriend and may I say it did not disappoint. 

Adam N. 9/28/19

I have chronic pain in both knees and live in daily agony. I was given the Intense Pain Relief, PDQ Spray and 1000 MG Tincture as a birthday gift and it has changed my life because the pain has completely subsided and I can start living again, thank you.    

Gertie D. 11/17/19

I developed Lymphedema after a mastectomy and the pain was so unbearable in my left arm from the fluid buildup that all I could do was sit silent and do nothing. I was introduced to a 1500 MG Tincture along with the 3xtreme pain relief and the PDQ spray and I cannot tell you what this has done for my life as a cancer survivor thank you so much.

David V. 12/02/19

I suffer from right ankle, both knees and lower back pain. Over the years I have tried many ointments, creams and pills but none has worked so quickly and for a minimum of 24 hours after application like the 3xtreme Pain Cream and PDQ Spray. I wish I had known about this along time ago. I am very please with the results and recommend these products 100%.

M Lopez 12/11/19

I purchased the R&R Massage Oil  I am completely satisfied, I was looking for a non greasy product and have finally found one.

Bard B. 1/09/20

I suffer with pain from chronic Arthritis, the PDQ Pain Relief Spray and 3XTREME has been a godsend to me I am never without it, Thank you.

CJ Laws 1/19/20

I purchased the Performance  Blast Caps, 1000 mg Tincture and Gummies to Improve my immune system and so far so good.

Marco R. 2/24/20

The PDQ Spray and

Intense Pain Relief Rub have been a Miracle. I have suffered for years and thought I would never see the day when a product would  give me such relief. Thank you.